Thursday, May 12, 2016

Arty Talks Together FM, Live Sets, and Mashups

Arty discusses Together FM changing to a weekly radio show and explores his musical diversity. Enjoy the most recent episode of Together FM and Arty's new single, Bloodfire!
So, your radio show is back.
Yeah, just with a little bit of rebranding. Basically, while I’ve been working on an album, we’re focusing on making sure that the album is on its own. Radio shows are a big part of the network that you use to have a connection with your fans and share the music that you really like. But at that time, we also decided to step back a little and think about how we could improve it. So we took a break, and before the show was monthly - now it’s weekly. It’s pretty intense. And since we did the whole rebranding for the show, it’s pretty intense. We took it pretty seriously. It’s not only a new name, but I’m recording every week, having a chat with my fans. I’m thankful that I’m done with the album, and now I can focus on fun stuff. A radio show is a lot of fun.
How do you find tracks for your show?
This is something that I guess defines my radio show and makes it a little bit unique. It’s completely different music. It can be pop music, rock music, drum & bass, trap, house music, big room if I feel like it. It’s all of the music that really inspires me. For example, I’ll catch a track on the radio, and think that it’s a good track to play on my show. It’s basically a platform where I can share the music that I’m listening to on a daily basis. That’s what defines this radio show and makes it different. Many radio shows are the same thing that you’ll hear on SoundCloud or every record label, etc. I wanted to make it way different. I barely play my tracks in it.
How hard is it to balance playing your own music against playing music that inspires you?
I don’t have any pressure and don’t have to push myself to play my own music. When I have a new track coming out, I’ve heard it so many times that it doesn’t make me excited. When I discover a new track and think “That’s going to work here and there and there” and then put it in the radio show - that’s fire, I love it! For me personally, that’s the idea behind this kind of platform where you can actually share your daily experiences with music. That way, people know, “This guy not only listens to progressive house, but he likes diverse music as well.” Some people are getting pissed about it because they’re still trying to put you in a genre frame. They think you’re supposed to just play trance or just play progressive house. I’m not supposed to play any particular styles. I can play whatever I want to play - whatever feels good or what I want to listen to. That defines me as an artist, as well. If people like it, they’ll follow it and listen to it.
What do you think are the biggest differences between an episode of your radio show and an Arty live set?
This is huge, especially for me. Since I finished my album, I’ve been working on singles. I have so much to play. My set is normally about 75-80% my music. This is the coolest thing - it’s such a big difference between a live set and the radio show. It’s like two completely separate things.
How about a club set vs. a festival set?
I’d have a better answer for you if you asked me that five years ago. Before, when big room wasn’t that big and it was more about house and progressive house music. You can kind of define progressive house as mainstage music, but it was way more separate what you’d play in a festival set versus what you’d play in a club. You’d have tracks that are 6, 7, 8 minutes long. My track Around the World that came out on Anjunabeats was 8:20 long, it’s pretty intense. Now, it’s like everything in your playlist for a live show are super low cuts. You’re probably going to have like five tracks in one mashup for four minutes. Also, people’s perspectives going to clubs and festivals - it’s not the same people, but they have the same mindset, so it’s harder to take them on a proper journey. I’m ready to be super deep or I’m gonna teach you how to listen to progressive house. You don’t have to do it anymore. For example, I played in Singapore a couple of years ago and I was playing for 4 ½ hours. I played my usual set, and then I opened my special folder with all the techno and tech-house music I really like and played that for 2 ½ hours - it was so much fun. And the people in the club loved it.
Do you have a favorite remix or mashup you’ve made?
[Pause] I did so many good mashups! I really like mixing in key and take my mashups pretty seriously. It’s not like just putting an a capella on top of a track. Usually, my projects are huge - projects can be like 20, 30 tracks. It’s easy with all of the automation. It’s really hard to pick one. I like to do that. I guess the whole industry gets to the point where you kind of have to do that. You don’t have to, but everybody else does. I remember for myself, my first big show at A State of Trance in Den Bosch, by that time I already had a lot of mashups. So, it’s not like I jumped on the back end of making mashups. I’ve always enjoyed it. It’s cool, it’s inspiring, and it works really well in the live sets. Sometimes, you can just drive people just crazy.
What is the most inspirational show that made you want to be a producer/DJ?
Well, that’s thing - I’m from a small city and didn’t see much growing up. We never had any big acts. I learned how to make music and started as a producer. I was making the music, but I really wanted to be a DJ.I guess the whole inspiration of why I started making music were radio shows: Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, music from Axwell, Eric Prydz, Seb Ingrosso.
Be sure to check out Arty's latest track below!

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